Lifelong Learning: Back to School for Independent Living


August is traditionally the back-to-school month, bringing back childhood memories of getting ready for new adventures and new knowledge. A fresh composition book, sharpened pencils, and seeing friends every day could be exciting and rewarding. The good news is:  it’s still true, even for older adults! Lifelong learning is good for us all, regardless of age.

In a Senior Star community, you will find multiple opportunities for learning, growing, and expanding your mind—and your world.

Lifelong learning builds your brain, your social connections, and your self-esteem  

You’ve heard the saying, “move it or lose it.” It’s much the same with the brain. Keeping your brain stimulated helps you retain mental alertness as you age. And it doesn’t have to be anything formal, but can be something as easily accessible as filling in a crossword puzzle, reading a good book, or playing a memory game on the computer. 

But there are additional advantages to participating in lifelong learning activities in a group setting, like what you’ll find in a senior living community. 

Lifelong learning keeps you social

In a senior living community, you can join in group activities that let you learn and connect with others, which will, in turn, motivate you to get up and get moving each day. Join a trivia contest. Participate in a group discussion on a timely topic. Try a hobby you’ve never attempted, like painting or knitting or bird watching. At Senior Star, there’s always a full calendar of possibilities to choose from and a great group of friendly people to share the moment. When you feel part of something, you feel good. And when you’re learning at the same time, you feel even better! 

Lifelong learning boosts your confidence

Remember how good it felt to learn something when you were young? Riding a bike, winning a spelling bee, playing the piano—regardless of the activity, it made you feel more confident to know you could do it. As we age, learning can still improve our emotional balance, and even help avoid depression, which is especially beneficial for older adults. 

Lifelong learning can reduce cognitive decline

When you learn something new, you’re keeping your brain active, which in turn stimulates the generation of neurons. More neurons mean better memory, attention, thinking, and reasoning skills. Think of your brain like a road map. Instead of just one or two roads, you’re adding multiple pathways that can keep you moving forward swiftly and efficiently.   

Lifelong learning helps reduce stress

Living at home alone can feel lonely. Living amidst the vitality and welcoming ambiance of a modern senior living community can open up all kinds of opportunities for trying out new activities, making friends, and enjoying each day to the fullest. And in this wellness-oriented environment, learning can be a lot of fun. For example, dancing can be a healthy activity that also challenges the brain with new steps and routines. Or chair aerobics could be a great new pastime. You’re stimulating your brain, relaxing, and lowering your blood pressure. A win-win!

Lifelong learning can help memory  

Keeping your brain “in shape” with daily challenges is key to helping short-term memory. For example word games, Sudoku, making a list of items and then seeing if you can recall them later, or reading a chapter in a book and then discussing it in a group.  In a senior living community, you can join a group or make one of your own, and start your own memory games. 

Lifelong learning expands your world

Here’s where living in a Senior Star community really gives your brain an edge, or should we say a boost. As a resident, you are around interesting people ready to share ideas and knowledge. You can choose from mentally stimulating activities such as lectures, field trips, concerts, art classes, exercise programs, book clubs, discussions, card groups, and much more. And if you are more of a private person, you can go online for continuing education, memory games, puzzles, books, and just about anything you can name. 

Enhance your mind, and your world, with lifelong learning at Senior Star

We think you will find everything you need to live life to the fullest. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour. Questions about Senior Star and our senior living communities?  Contact usDownload our free Guide:  Family Decision Toolkit.

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