How Independent Living Promotes Healthy Aging

independent living

Independent living is a lifestyle option that allows seniors to free themselves from home upkeep and daily chores and, instead, enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle surrounded by their peers in a full-service community. Did you know independent living can actually be good for you? Whether you are a single senior or part of a couple, when it comes to healthy aging, living in an independent living community means having access to resources, activities, expertise and attitude that could extend your life—as well as help you feel better than ever!

Here are some reasons why independent living and aging are a healthy combination:

  • Stress-free lifestyle 

Stress is bad for you. Stress makes your heart race faster, tenses your muscles and can cause you to be crabby with others. Whether you’re worrying about repairing the roof, having snow removed from the sidewalk or driving through rush hour traffic, stress can deplete you. Residents of independent living can breathe easier, knowing they have no home maintenance chores, nor do they have to drive anywhere to get what they need. Instead, they can spend that time doing what they want: laughing with friends, reading a book, traveling, or doing whatever else they choose.  

  • Socializing

Everyone needs to socialize now and then. Even if you’re an introvert, having a few close friends you can occasionally chat with, meet for lunch or join on a walk makes for a pleasant experience…and it’s good for you. That’s because loneliness is a huge health risk factor for seniors who live alone. Research tells us that isolation can lead to depression, diabetes, and obesity, and even potentially increase the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. In a senior living community, however, you have the option to enjoy your privacy or get out and interact with neighbors or community associates. So it’s easy to forge new friendships and bonds with others in the same stage of life as you. These are people who are motivated to get the most out of life and are eager to try new things. You’ll be inspired to do the same—which is a great example of how independent living and aging can combine for a positive income.

  • Nutrition and wellness 

Getting the nutrition you need is especially challenging if there’s no one there to share a meal, or if buying groceries and planning meals is becoming a chore. Never mind the tedium of cleaning the kitchen! Move into independent living and you, and you and your spouse, can enjoy nutritionally balanced meals prepared by restaurant-quality chefs whose goal is to please you. Plus, no dishes to wash. Just delicious food to enjoy. Senior nutrition is such a vital component of healthy aging and independent living is your ticket to good choices and pleasant mealtimes. 

  • Access to health care & assistance

It can happen to anyone at any hour, day or night: an unexpected health emergency, a sudden fall, or other life-threatening event. If you’re home alone, or you are at home caring for a spouse, you know how frightening such a situation can be, especially if you cannot reach a family member or friend to assist you. A major benefit of independent living is that you will have quick access to help when you need it, 24/7. There’s always someone around, which can provide great peace of mind. 

  • Lifelong learning

Studies show that age does not stop our brains from forming new neural pathways and connections. In fact, challenging your brain several times a week can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function. Independent living offers lectures, classes, book clubs, discussions, games and more designed to keep your brain active and engaged. Learn a new language. Read a classic title. Teach a friend how to play bridge. The more your brain is at work, the better you will feel.


Independent living and aging well go together at Senior Star

Whether you’re on your own, or part of a couple, in Independent Living at Senior Star, you’re immersing yourself into a community of warm, friendly faces and a setting that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. We’d love for you to join us for a tour. Find a community near you, or download our free guide:  Should You Stay Or Should You Go: How to Decide Between Home and Senior Living →  

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