Harrison on 5th offers a holistic approach to senior wellness

Harrison on 5th offers a holistic approach to senior wellness - Senso Think & Move

Certified Senso Think & Move®️ Exclusive at Senior Star Communities!

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Harrison on 5th by Senior Star residents are exclusively enjoying the benefits of the certified Senso Think & Move program, an innovative and evidence-based solution designed to enhance seniors’ well-being. Its fun and interactive exercises simultaneously engage the body and the mind, promoting physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. To date, Senior Star operates the only senior living communities in the greater Columbus area entitled to use the certified Senso Think & Move program.

The program offers customizable workouts tailored to individual abilities and preferences so each resident can pick a program suited to their needs. Plus, interactive games provide a variety of ways to stimulate both body and mind, from virtual tennis to memory challenges. The technology offers real-time feedback through personal wristbands, allowing users to track their progress and make necessary adjustments.

As always, Senior Star continues redefining the standard of senior care by using innovative programs and advanced technology to offer a holistic approach to wellness and independence for its residents.

Senior Star currently offers ‘The Harrison Special‘ for active seniors ages 55 and over. For a limited time, new residents can take advantage of select independent living apartments for only $2,500 a month. That price includes three healthy and delicious meals daily prepared by their food and beverage team and served in their well-appointed dining room, as well as their regular housekeeping and linen service.

You’ll want to check out Harrison on 5th at 579 W 5th Ave in Columbus for excellence in senior living. For more information, visit seniorstar.com/harrisonon5th or call 614-721-3766

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Wed, June 26th 2024 at 11:15 AM