Enjoying The Benefits of Carefree Assisted Living

Benefits of Assisted Living

A carefree lifestyle – and help when you need it

Whether you’ve spent a great deal of your life caring for your family, working for someone, or both, you’ve probably built a treasure trove of memories you’ll cherish forever. Maybe now is the right time to give yourself the freedom to enjoy life in new ways—without worries of home upkeep or a daily to-do list. In other words, a carefree lifestyle with the benefit of a helping hand if needed. 

That’s what assisted living at Senior Star is all about. Help when you need it, independence when you don’t, for a brighter and more fulfilling life. And with National Assisted Living Week® happening this month, it’s a great time to take a look at just what assisted living could mean for you or someone you love. 

Why so many seniors are enjoying assisted living 

  • There’s too much to do to be bored. In assisted living, you may find yourself having to decide which of the many activities offered you want to join! Senior Star assisted living offers activities like book clubs, card games, arts classes, and taste testings, plus special trips to concerts, movies, parties, horse races, special outings and more. Plus, you’re socializing with interesting people who are ready to get the most out of life just like you, so enjoying assisted living is easy. Of course, you can always opt for a quiet afternoon in your comfortable residence. But it’s great to know a world of possibilities awaits you right outside your door!
  • New opportunities for lifelong wellness. It only takes a moderate amount of physical activity to obtain significant health benefits. In assisted living, you can move your body and stimulate your mind every day. Join a walking group. Attend chair aerobics. Start a whole new fitness regimen with help from a qualified instructor. At Senior Star, you can try Zumba Gold®, or our unique BikeAround which offers a one-of-a-kind experience. With others around you, staying motivated is easier and a lot more fun. It really is true: enjoying assisted living is not only good for you, it’s a great way to be inspired every day. 
  • Big benefits for the brain. Lifelong learning helps reduce the risk of dementia by building new connections in the brain. Assisted living gives you access to a variety of ways to challenge your cognitive skills and stay sharp. Learn something new, like painting. Attend a lecture on a different culture. Try out a new game. Have lively discussions with others or spend a few hours in the community library. At Senior Star, our Dakim® BrainFitness machines provide a fun digital learning experience designed to keep your mind sharp through interactive games. 
  • Personalized care and attention. Living at home on your own or far from friends and family can be difficult, especially if your needs change. As a resident of a senior living community like Senior Star, you can relax knowing a caring, compassionate team of caregivers is right there, keeping an eye on you and available when you need them. Having 24/7 access to care and attention not only feels good, it’s a key reason so many seniors are enjoying life in assisted living.  
  • Socializing with others is easy. Being around people you enjoy is not only a pleasure, it’s very good for your health. In fact, socializing provides numerous benefits and can add years to your life, even decreasing your risk for developing cognitive impairments such as dementia. In assisted living, you only have to walk out your door to be around friendly neighbors, helpful caregivers, and others who are glad to greet you. Having companions close by can make everything more enjoyable. Enjoying assisted living means having as many new friends as you choose!

Assisted living at Senior Star: quality of life that frees you to enjoy it all! At Senior Star, you can immerse yourself into a comfortable and beautiful community of warm, friendly faces. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour. Questions about Senior Star and our senior living communities?  Contact us.  And download our free guide “Just The Facts, Your Guide to Memory Care” for answers to questions about this living option.

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