Best of the Best: Features of an Enriching Community


With so many senior living options to choose from, finding the right community for you or a loved one can take a lot of research. It can be helpful to approach this research process with a strategy; try to identify some of your ideal features, services and amenities and only seek out the options that provide them. This will reduce the scope of potential choices to a more manageable size to help keep you focused and on track. Robust offerings are generally a sign of a great community that values providing a complete and balanced lifestyle to those that live there. Some features to consider:




Access to transportation is important for both physical and emotional wellbeing. Getting out and about in the local community with friends, family or staff members helps keep life enriching, whether it’s a fun event or a stroll in the park. More importantly, transportation systems help residents get to medical appointments that may not be available on-site, such as surgical services, physical therapy or dialysis. Transportation options should not be overlooked.



Dining Options

Provided meals are often an expectation in senior living, and understandably so! Eliminating the legwork of meal planning and preparation affords people more time to do what they love, or simply to relax. However, many enjoy cooking for themselves, whether to monitor nutrition and ingredients or to make that secret family recipe they can’t get anywhere else. For this reason, it’s wise to look for a community that offers apartments with kitchenettes in addition to provided meals. After all, variety is the spice of life!


Access to Technology

The digital age is revolutionizing how we learn and connect with each other, so access to technology is a big plus. Even if someone isn’t technologically inclined, the right community will have staff members ready to show them the ropes should they wish to learn. Access to email and social media can help residents stay in touch with neighbors, friends and family while video chatting applications like Skype allow casual conversations with loved ones that feel like real life, even if they’re half a world away.


Concierge Services

One of the main goals a senior living community aims to accomplish is providing a care- and stress-free lifestyle, and this can be achieved in part by offering concierge services. These helpful resources can assist with everything from arranging room service to coordinating and scheduling the aforementioned medical appointments and transportation – even running troublesome errands!

By seeking out services like these, you can simplify your research process and find a new home that’s truly perfect.