5 Ways to Ease Moving Your Spouse into Assisted Living


Modern assisted living is an outstanding choice, offering seniors a worry-free lifestyle filled with support, wellness, inspiration, entertainment, and more—and it also gives caregivers and family members peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and comfortable. If your spouse will be making the move to assisted living, you can take steps to ease the transition for both of you.

Moving your spouse into assisted living: 5 ways to make it easier. 

  1. Choose a community that makes it easy to spend time together. Whether you are currently living at home, or in independent living in a senior living community, you want to continue to see your spouse as much as possible. You want to share meals, activities, events, celebrations, holidays… even something as simple as watching a television program together or discussing the day’s events. You want a senior living community that encourages this interaction, allowing you to visit when you choose. You also want a community that offers the amenities and services that matter to your spouse. 
  2. Involve your spouse in the decision and visit the choices together (in-person or online) so they can see how comfortable and engaging assisted living can be. Your spouse may not realize all the possibilities that come with this extraordinary lifestyle. Senior Star assisted living offers a variety of ways to pursue favorite passions, or find some new ones. Art, fitness, volunteering, sports, book clubs, special outings, cooking demonstrations, entertainment are all possibilities, and all with the reassurance that a helping hand is right there. Discuss choices with your spouse and go over all the details that are important to them. This will allow your spouse to feel some ownership and independence as they consider their new home. Take the time to visit several communities and meet with staff, as well as with current residents and family members if possible. Be sure to pick up an activities calendar. Have lunch in the community and get a feel for what a typical day is like. 
  3. Turn their new residence into a comfortable home. Hang a favorite painting or photos on the wall, bring familiar mementos, and add favorite pillows, throws, or other decorative items. Think about what makes your spouse smile, and what truly feels like home to them. And don’t forget to help them find a way to maintain their independence. Find out about on-site volunteering or opportunities for mentoring and sharing skills and expertise. Moving your spouse into assisted living doesn’t have to mean they suddenly have to rely on others for everything, especially if they have talents and wisdom to share. 
  4. Get the emotional support you need. Moving a spouse into assisted living can stir up feelings of sadness that the relationship will change. Talking with a therapist or counseling professional can help you work through your emotions and better handle situations as they arise. Don’t hesitate to confide in a close friend when you need a listening ear. Keep in mind that modern assisted living such as that offered by Senior Star promises an exceptional, rewarding lifestyle with the added benefits of enhanced safety and wellness. Remind yourself that it’s a positive move for both of you. 
  5. Bring along friends and family when you visit and help them stay involved. One of happiest sights for your spouse will always be you—and other familiar faces. So be sure to be around often, and bring a friend or relative with you when you can. Joining your spouse in community events and activities is helpful for reinforcing the feeling of home. Invite friends to join you and your spouse for an on-site concert or party, or, even better, have them take your spouse to a favorite site of interest or to a regular event like church services. Helping your spouse maintain an active life outside of the community reinforces a feeling of independence and choice. 

Help when they need it, independence when they don’t: assisted living at Senior Star could be just right for your spouse.  Sometimes someone you love just needs a little extra help to make the most of life. That’s the beauty of a Senior Star assisted living community. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour. Questions about Senior Star and our senior living communities?  Contact us. Download our free Guide:  Family Decision Toolkit.

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