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Associates & Careers

Discover the career of your dreams by creating a brilliant future for seniors.

“You get to work with the most amazing generation. I tell everybody that all my friends are 85 and you learn something from them every single day.” —Sonya

Just as residents seek a new and exciting place in life, associates seek renewed purpose in their career pursuits. At Senior Star, associates choose career paths that enable them to serve individuals living long and meaningful lives. It is a purpose that creates great joy and causes work to be fondly regarded as far more than simply “a job.”

Join Our Team

If you are interested in helping Senior Star create new and exciting futures for seniors, please take a moment to read about Senior Star’s culture, corporate philosophy, and community involvement. These areas tell the company’s story and provide the foundation of the Senior Star mission: to provide a community lifestyle that inspires people to embrace senior living.

The Heart of Senior Star

Rarely will you hear a senior begin a sentence with the words “I deserve.” However, Senior Star knows these individuals deserve the very best in life. This is why Senior Star works to create a community where seniors live in comfortable homes, surrounded by family, friends, and caregivers — all of whom have their best interests at heart. This would not be achievable without the passion and dedication of every Senior Star associate. These incredible individuals exemplify warmth, compassion, and expertise, all while embracing world-class senior living.

Senior Star is committed to the professional growth and success of all Senior Star associates. By helping associates grow, Senior Star grows simultaneously. Every associate works together to maintain vibrant senior living communities where residents enter and know that they are home.

Meet Kara


“The residents effect my life every day. They are the reason I come in every day.”

Watch Kara’s story. Learn how the passion of our associates impacts the daily lives of residents and the community. She shares the touching moments that give purpose to her work while serving the needs of residents.

If you are passionate about serving seniors, explore the open opportunities with Senior Star. We are always looking for qualified care professionals to join our team!


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